Thanks to the bank loan, there is reason that changing your heating is really not expensive.
We have identified 3 possibilities to limit the cost of installing a new bank: save on energy consumption, save thanks to the bank tax credit by choosing the right model and finally find the bank credit at the least rate expensive.
Because when it comes to works credit rates, we are specialists.

Find the cheapest bank credit rate

Find the cheapest Bailor credit rate

It is the heart of our business. To find the best bank credit rate, you will have to go through a work credit simulation. Indeed, you will be able to benefit from the advantageous rates of the works credit since you will be able to justify the purchase of a bank. The works credit makes it possible to cover many projects such as the kitchen credit but also for more substantial investments such as a swimming pool credit.

But to be able to be sure to offer the best bank credit rates, we very regularly raise the rates offered by the largest financial organizations for all amounts and over all durations. Whatever the project, the amount or the duration, we have the best rate in our bases.

Of course, we do not have all the bank credit rates as heating engineers or specialized stores can offer. But we do not need them because they are almost always more expensive than those of financial organizations since they themselves are commissioned.

And in any case, we advise our customers to carry out a simulation of bank credit on our site because it is not engaging and that makes it possible to know which is the best rate on the market. Afterwards, everyone can see if the heating engineer can offer a better rate or not:

Finally, our system makes it possible to obtain a non-binding assessment of the bank credit application file and to file a request with the 3 cheapest organizations in one click and that is a real Captain Credit exclusivity!

Save on bank credit

Save on Bailor credit

The upper average price of condensing banks is around 7000 USD. We will therefore take the example of a 7000 USD credit over 60 months (to give an idea of ​​the maximum of what it can cost):

Lowest APR rate: 5.50% monthly payment: 133.28 USD total cost of credit: 996.80 USD.

Most expensive APR rate: 8.45% monthly payment: 142.40 USD total cost of credit: 1,544.00 USD.

Or a difference of more than 500 USD for exactly the same bank credit! And the most expensive credit institution for this offer and at the time of our statement is probably the best known of all…

bank tax credit

Bailor tax credit

 The second way to save on the installation of your bank is to choose a model that gives entitlement to a bank tax credit. Since the end of 2014, this has been possible through a system called “Le Cite”. To be eligible for the bank tax credit, the main conditions are:

  • do the work in the main house completed more than 2 years ago
  • work carried out between September 2014 and December 2015 (device probably postponed to the following years then…)
  • buy a condensing bank or a gas micro-cogeneration bank

You can find the detailed conditions on the government website.

In this case, you can deduct 30% of the amount of the bank (excluding installation costs) up to a limit of 8,000 USD for a single person and 16,000 USD for a couple.

If we take our example of a bank at 7000 USD, the amount of the bank tax credit from which it is possible to benefit is 2100 USD.

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