I have already told you in another note that pledge loans are a type of loan that is easy to obtain and relatively fast. To obtain them you practically only have to own a good that you can leave as a pledge.

As there is a physical guarantee, they are loans that do not require you to have an excellent credit history to qualify . Learn more benefits of this type of personal loan .

Lower interest rates

Lower <a href=interest rates” />

It is possible that if you search well between the different offers you can access pre-owned loans with a lower interest rate.

As there are different financial institutions that offer them the rates are usually quite competitive. Compare the offers well so you can take advantage of your loan and recover your good as soon as possible.

An exchange where nobody loses Will it be true?

An exchange where nobody loses Will it be true?

If you are a good debtor and you pay on time your commitment to the cash or financial institution with whom you have taken out the loan, there is no problem: both win. If there is a problem along the way, neither you nor the box are seriously harmed. And it is that by staying with your good the debt is canceled and stops accumulating, very different from what happens when you ask for a loan to the bank . It is true that you lose what you did, but you save the damage in the credit history.

In some cases, to avoid losing your good – if you want to recover it at all costs – these lenders offer you the option to continue paying interest and commissions until you pay off your debt . This is like renewing your contract. Ideally, you pay in the agreed time so that the debt does not grow and take advantage of this loan.

You can access even if you are CPP

You can access even if you are CPP

While it is true to have a negative credit history, it is not all bad to take out a loan, but ideally, do not go beyond being qualified as a CPP (Client with Potential Problems).

Although each financial institution has different requirements to give you a loan . Find out if you qualify or not for the entity to which you want to apply for the loan. My recommendation is that you compare different offers and choose according to your needs.

Loans that are approved in a short time

Loans that are approved in a short time

The time depends on how long it takes you to present the good that you are going to do to be valued and the cashier or lender that you have chosen. If the first has passed the test there are boxes that can give you the money you need in 24 hours. Pretty fast right?

Now that you know more about pledge loans, will you be encouraged by one? It is a way to get money without risking your credit history. What good would you pledge?

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