Terms and Conditions for Recruiting an Individual or Company, Loan or Leasing Facility: From 2010, the terms have changed significantly, both in terms of self-sufficiency, maturity, and submission of documents.

If you are interested in car financing terms

If you are interested in car financing terms

Be it a car purchase or a mortgage loan, the following should be considered. The crucial point is that we decide on a loan or lease.

The difference between a loan and a lease is that in the case of a loan, the vehicle is always the property of the customer, whereas in the case of leasing, the owner of the vehicle and the customer are the owner of the vehicle. After payment of the entire debt at the end of the term, ownership of the vehicle is returned to the customer at the end of the contract.

Both constructions have their advantages and disadvantages

Both constructions have their <a href=advantages and disadvantages” />

So it is not clear which is the better choice, since it depends on our current situation (deductible, employment, guarantor, etc.), which would be the most favorable solution for us to borrow. Experts will help you find the most obvious solution. Terms and conditions for individuals: minimum loan amount: 300.000 HUF, Available currency, HUF and EUR, (Self-based on HUF, 25% on loan, 20% on leasing), (Self-based on EUR, 40% on loan, 35% on leasing), The term of the car loan is up to 7 years.

Required documents: valid ID card (driver’s license, residence card), employer certificate or last two months bank account statement on which you receive your income, in case of pensioners retirement card or pension voucher.

Terms and conditions for companies


Minimum loan amount: 300.000 HUF. Financing form can only be leasing Required currency, HUF and EUR (own funds in HUF and EUR 20%) The maturity can be up to 8 years. Required documents: For sole proprietorships: Valid ID card and driver’s license. Depending on the amount of credit you are applying for, previous year’s corporate tax return, current ledger, or cash book.

(NAV current account statement) In the case of joint-stock companies (Ltd., Bt., Etc.): Signature specimen, identity card. Company Statement not older than 3 months. Depending on the size of the car loan to be borrowed, the balance sheet and income statement of the previous year (NAV current account statement).

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